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There’s something wonderful about a new calendar, isn’t there? I love looking through them and finding calendars that are just my style. They can be so beautiful!

Some of the calendars I have bought in the past - usually from Costco – (boring, I know, but they always have cute designs!) have been wrapped in wonderful printed cardstock. The covers usually have small sampler pictures on the back and are so pretty, even though they are only a few inches in size.

A few years ago I realized that these miniature pictures were perfect for cards.  I cut out the designs and saved the 12 little sampler pictures. I’m sharing 3 cards I made using them as the focal point.

Calendar Card | Simply Creating Home

I love to make cards up ahead of time when I have extra time. It’s a fitting activity when you’re watching a movie! These simple cards used up bits and pieces of scraps.

I added dimension by using my Cuttlebug to emboss on ivory cardstock and then inked the raised portion with a beige antiquing ink by rubbing it with the flat side of the ink pad.

Calendar Card | Simply Creating Home

 I’ve also added a small organza bow or knot to each card for another simple dimensional element. I keep a stash of various colors of organza because I love the way it dresses up a card so easily.

Calendar Cardd | Simply Creating Home

It will be awhile before new calendars are out, but I couldn’t help but share these summer cards. You might be able to find perfect card cutouts from supplies that you normally would have just thrown away. Another resource might be from used cards.

I’d love to hear your stories if you’ve found a creative resource for card-making. Feel free to leave a comment with your creative idea.

Blessings to you this week, my friends!

Mother’s Day Handprint Wall-Hanging or Potholder

I hope you are doing well, my friends! I’m excited to share a sweet Mother’s Day craft idea with you today.

I wanted to let you know, first, that I probably won’t be able to post as frequently in the coming weeks because I will be working some over the next month. It may not be possible for me to post as often, but I have a few projects lined up to share, and I will still be checking email. I will look forward to sharing more often once my schedule is not so full.

On to my Mother’s Day craft…

Mother's Day Handprint Wall-Hanging or Potholder | Simply Creating Home

I wanted to share a fun, memorable craft I made when my daughters were young.  We had just moved into our home and I had a lot of new wall space I wanted to cover.  I needed to make curtains for my kitchen windows and I had some of the leftover floral fabric that I used as the backdrop for my girls’ handprints.

Our handprint wall-hangings were really simple to make and I’m so glad now, thirteen years later, that we took the time.  They’ve been a wonderful kitchen decoration and have brought me so much joy. My girls’ hands are no longer as small as they once were – I’m really not sure where the time went!

Mother's Day Handprint Wall-Hanging or Potholder | Simply Creating Home

To make your own handprint wall-hangings, iron fusible webbing to the wrong side of your handprint fabric.

Next, trace your child’s hand.  The fusible webbing paper sticks to the fabric, so it is simple to trace your child’s handprint right onto the paper. Just remember that the tracing will become the reverse handprint when it is cut out and ironed on.

Once you have cut out your child’s handprint, iron it on to the middle of your central fabric.

Mother's Day Handprint Wall Hanging or Potholder| Simply Creating Home

Using a zigzag stitch on a very close buttonhole setting, zigzag around the handprint. To help stabilize the fabric for this step so it doesn’t bunch up excessively, I like to place a piece of paper on the back and stitch through the fabric and paper at the same time. The paper adds stiffness and when you are done stitching it you can simply wet the paper to remove it from the back.

The rest of the wall-hanging is made by adding your borders and a binding, just as if you were making a small quilt.

Mother's Day Handprint Wall-Hanging or Potholder | Simply Creating Home

To finish our wall-hangings, after I top-stitched them, I added tabs on the back that could hold a small dowel for hanging.

If you prefer, you could make this same idea into potholders.  You’d want to fill the middle with several (5 or 6) thicknesses of cotton batting, or use the heat-resistant batting that is made specifically for oven mitts.

The wall-hangings or potholders make wonderful gifts for grandmothers or any mom in your life. My girls had a great time making them and loved that they were displayed in our kitchen for so long.

Mother's Day Handprint Wall Hangings or Potholders | Simply Creating Home

If you make this project, be sure to label the back with your child’s age.  You’ll be glad you did!

Do you have plans for celebrating Mother’s Day?

The Lord is My Light

The Lord is My Light | Simply Creating Home

Today I thought I’d share a photo I took last spring at a nearby tulip field, along with some words of hope.

I pray that in the midst of the Boston tragedy, God will remind you of His love and the Hope we have in Him.

The Lord is My Light

Decadent Chocolate Almond Cheesecake


Do you like cheesecake? I’ll admit that I am a cheesecake lover.

I know some out there really don’t care for cheesecake, and I’m okay with that. I get it… but I still like it.

This recipe was adapted quite a bit from a cooking magazine [...]

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Pear Crisp

Pear Crisp | Simply Creating Home

Pear. Crisp. Goodness. That’s what we had this past weekend.

Do you ever find that you have a few too many pears that have all ripened at the same time? It seems to happen to me quite often.

This past summer I found myself in this [...]

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Create a Simple Spring Centerpiece

Create a Simple Spring Centerpiece

Hi, friends! I just want to pause and take a moment to thank you! I’m so thankful for all of you that have chosen to follow along.

I was out this evening with friends and when I came home I found that I had reached 100 Facebook followers, and I am [...]

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