Acorn Wreath


One of my favorite Christmas decorations to pull out each year is this simple, but beautiful, acorn wreath.

I love its natural look and simplicity.



My husband and I collected the acorns about 20 years ago while visiting my grandparents’ home for Thanksgiving.  They had a beautiful oak tree that stretched over their back porch and there was an abundance of acorns that fell that year. I brought a boxful of acorns home and built this wreath for Christmas.


When I pull it out and hang it up, I feel like I have a little bit of love in the room from my grandparents.


It’s held up really well over the years. It’s in need of a few repairs and I’m hoping to find some acorns locally to fill in some holes that have formed.  Unfortunately, it took a spill off the wall in the garage this past spring and a few of my acorns are crushed.  The body of the wreath is incredibly strong, so it just needs some minor repairs. Over the years I’ve updated it, adding the little pinecones and a new ribbon to spruce it up.



This is a perfect time of year to hunt for acorns to build your own acorn wreath.

It’s a fun craft to make and it’s so budget-friendly because it only requires a few materials.

Things you’ll need:

Collected acorns and caps

A sturdy wicker or straw wreath frame

Hot glue gun & hot glue

Tacky glue


Berry picks

Optional: mini pinecones and berries


Step 1:

Collect your acorns! This is the fun part, as it’s a bit of a hunt. I enjoyed using various sizes and I think it adds a lot  of character to your wreath by adding the caps, too.  It’s a bit more work to include the caps, but so worth it.

Step 2:

Rinse and bake your acorns to kill any bugs that may be hiding inside.  This is an important step you won’t want to skip!  You’ll also want the acorns to be completely dry before gluing them down.  Bake them for approximately 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Step 3:

Once they are completely cooled and dried, remove each acorn from its cap and glue it back inside.  You can use tacky glue or hot glue for this step. The acorns will shrink as they dry and will have a tendency to fall out of their caps if they’re not glued in.  If they’re mostly enclosed in the cap, then they should be fine without glue. Using a toothpick or an small child’s paintbrush is helpful if you decide to use tacky glue.

Step 4:

Begin gluing your acorns with caps down in a random pattern along the front and sides of your wicker wreath using the hot glue gun.  I left the back of mine bare so that it would lay flat against the wall when hung.  I think that gluing them randomly adds to the beauty of the project. 

Step 5:

Continue gluing any other additions, like miniature pinecones, berries, or other natural items you’d like to include on your wreath.

Step 6:

Find the top and center of your wreath and glue two berry picks facing opposite directions.  Using a wide ribbon, tie a bow and hot glue down over the center of the picks.  Your wreath should now be ready to hang – mine hangs well just by resting the wicker on a nail. 

*Be sure that the nail is very secure and able to handle the weight of the acorn wreath – they’re heavy and you don’t want your to wreath fall.


Acorn Wreath - Simply Creating Home

I hope you have a chance to hunt down some acorns and make your own acorn wreath this fall. It’s a perfect decoration for Thanksgiving or Christmas!

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