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Love Letters | Simply Creating Home

“Beloved, let us love one another…”

This past week, I was thrilled to have my cornstarch dough hearts featured over at Creations by Kara, along with at a few other wonderful sites.  What an honor, and so exciting! While I was visiting Kara’s site, I saw a beautiful lettering craft by Amy at The Happy Scraps.

Amy’s lettering craft was so pretty that I was inspired to make some letters of my own. I thought some letters spelling LOVE would look sweet on the hearth beside my basketful of hearts for my Valentine’s decor.

Love Letters with Basketful of Hearts | Simply Creating Home

I found my wood letters at JoAnn’s on sale.  They had several sizes to choose from, including choices in raw wood or painted black. I chose raw wood because I wanted to paint them white.

To begin, I needed to remove the staple hang tags from the back.  That was a challenge and I found that pliers worked the best. It took me awhile to decide that, though. ;) Are you like me? Do you try to use whatever is closest that might work first? I tried a few other “tools” to remove them, but eventually I headed out to the garage and found the pliers. They worked like a charm.

Next I filled the holes that were left by the staples with wood putty and sanded each letter until they were smooth.

I sealed the wood with wood sealer and gave the letters another quick sanding.

Sand, Seal, Sand is a great motto for prepping any wood project – the sealer raises the wood grain, so it’s good to sand it before beginning to paint.

Wood Letter With Paper | Simply Creating Home

I traced each shape onto my paper before painting them. I used K&Company scrapbook paper for my letters.  I figured out approximately where I wanted my letter design to fall on the paper and I flipped the paper, and the letter, over so my tracing would be on the “wrong” side.

I used scissors to cut out the letter designs.  Small scissors are helpful on the curves and inside portions.

Once the letter was cut out, I was free to paint away. I painted each of my letters with Antique White by Delta Ceramcoat.  It took a few coats to get good coverage.

Wood Love Letters | Simply Creating Home

Once the paint was completely dry,  I watered down a bit of tacky glue.  Just a small amount of water is all it took to make the tacky glue spread nicely but still have it provide good adhesion between the paper and wood. My trusty (and well used!) sponge brush was perfect for applying the glue.

Once the glue was spread, I quickly applied the paper cutout, adjusting it to fit the wood correctly, then pressed it firmly into place.  I also quickly wiped up any extra glue that ran over onto the sides.

Wood Love Letters | Simply Creating Home

Turning the letter over to the back, I used an x-acto knife to cut the extra paper that hung over a few of the edges.

Wood Love Letters on Hearth | Simply Creating Home

I’m in LOVE with my new letters. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on a wood project, but it reminded me how much I enjoy sanding (truly!) and painting.

 The letters are a great reminder of what’s really important to our family  and a fun display for Valentine’s Day.

Love Letters with Basket | Simply Creating Home

“…for love comes from God…” 1 John 4:7  ♥

Monday Blessings to you,


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