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Several years ago when we were hosting Thanksgiving, my oldest daughter came up with the idea of making these little thanksgiving scrolls.  They were a simple, but sweet, adornment for our Thanksgiving table that year.

We all enjoyed filling them in and having my husband read them aloud… many were serious, but a few were also funny.  During and after they were read, we were all laughing and discussing the different creative ways we felt thankful.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the scrolls once Thanksgiving was over and the Christmas decorations were up.  I didn’t want to put them away so quickly.  It seemed wrong to express our deepfelt gratitude one day, and the next put the scrolls away in a box or throw them away.


Scroll | Simply Creating Home


The Christmas tree was up and fully decorated, and it somehow seemed fitting to bring our thankful thoughts and place them in the tree.  That first year I placed them on various branches and after Christmas I tucked them away with the other Christmas ornaments.

It’s become a wonderful tradition that we’ve carried on when we host Thanksgiving and each Christmas I get them out and tuck them in the tree again.  I love that I can often find the kids, and others, pulling the scrolls out of the tree and unrolling them to read a few of the ways we’ve felt thankful over the years.

This is a perfect craft to make with your  kids or grandchildren ahead of Thanksgiving or even on Thanksgiving morning to keep them entertained… maybe skip the paint and just use raw craft sticks.  They’ll get a kick out of rolling them up and tying them, and it will mean even more when they can write their own thankful thoughts inside.

To make your own scrolls you will need the following per scroll:

2 craft sticks

strip of paper cut to 3 in x 8 1/2 in

16 inch length of ribbon, raffia, or twine

Other Needed Supplies:

tacky glue

sponge brush

paper plate

acrylic paint – I used Folkart gold

large piece of paper or old tablecloth for a work surface

Step 1:

Partially Painted Craft Sticks | Simply Creating Home

Begin by painting each craft stick as far as you can while still holding onto the stick. Place the stick on a paper plate and allow to dry for a few minutes.

Step 2: 

Fully Painted Sticks | Simply Creating Home

 Finish painting the other tip of your craft stick.  Allow the paint to dry.

Step 3:

Gluing Sticks | Simply Creating Home

Using tacky glue and your sponge brush, spread a small amount of glue on each end of your paper strip.  Press one painted craft stick to each end, centering each one.

Scrolls | Simply Creating Home

Allow glue to completely dry.

Step 4:

Wrapped Scroll | Simply Creating Home

Roll both ends towards each other and hold in place.  Tie with a piece of ribbon, raffia, or twine.

I found this beautiful organza at the local dollar store – 6 yards for $1.00! I found a few other colors, (like a pretty burgundy that will be perfect for something Christmas!) too, but I really liked the simplicity of the cream color.  I have often bought raffia cheaply at the local JoAnn’s using a coupon, or even at Walmart.

I love that this simple little craft is so cheap to make and requires just a few supplies. You can alter the paint color and paper to match your table, and also substitute 4-inch twigs for the craft sticks to make it more natural looking, if you desire.

For a bit of fun at the table, you could have different people read others’ scrolls and try to guess who the author was.  However you use them, it’s a perfect way to adorn your Thanksgiving table and a great way to get everyone at your table talking about what they are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Blessings to You!



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